Holly's body of work includes experimental writing about race, and the process of reimagining historic narratives into a new contemporary version of history.  She uses language, and the absence of language, to retell controversial narratives to prompt conversation and change.  Her work not only aims to reimagine the narrative, but also invites her viewer to do the same.

Art Installation at Rollins College

"Reimagining the Narrative:  A Contemporary Creative Collection of Interracial Perspective"

The collection of five fabric scrolls include the creative writing of Holly Jefferies.  Each scroll includes experimental poetic narratives, inspired by Supreme and District court cases, presidential elections, and the experience of interracial marriage, stitched together to retell history through a new contemporary lens.

"Art piece reimagines America's complex history with interracial relationships"

"In Jefferies’ own words, it is meant to be “an exercise in reimagining the narrative through what they see—and what they do not see [in the poetry and erasures]—along with their own experience with race and interracial relations.”"

By Maura Leaden, Sandspur

February 13, 2019

The Sandspur

"When you see me, who do you see?

Do you see a white woman, a human, or perhaps, other?

What if I told you that I am a white woman, and I am married to a black man.

Who do you see now?"

The creative work of Reimagining the Narrative retells new perspectives about race through my own lens; about thirty years of experiencing both white privilege and racial discrimination, depending on whether I stand alone or with my husband.  These multiple perspectives offer windows into seeing how we might learn to view race relations as a human race with the purpose of reconciliation between races.  Through my body of work, I suggest how the narratives about race might be seen and told through a contemporary lens to accomplish this.  To offer such insight, I break from traditional one-sided storytelling, and I reimagine the narrative."

–Holly Jefferies,  Reimaginging the Narrative: A Contemporary Creative Collection of Interracial Perspective, Critical Essay



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