Holly Jefferies received her Master’s Degree of Liberal Studies from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.  Her education, passion for art and literature, along with her experience with interracial marriage, has cultivated the body of work she creates today.  Holly is a white woman married to a black man, and they have lived together since 1989.  She consistently contemplates her unique perspective into her experiences depending whether she stands alone, or with her husband, and how to illustrate this perspective within her work.  Her work examines and addresses the complex issues of race and discrimination, and how the interracial union presents unsaid difficulties about being human in a racial society which is often more about race than about being human.

Holly’s work includes experimental creative writing and the process of reimagining historic narratives into a new contemporary version of history.  She uses language, and the absence of language, to retell controversial narratives to prompt conversation and change.  Holly’s work not only aims to reimagine the narrative, but also invites her viewer to do the same.